Swing Kingdom has brought adventure to backyards and communities all around the United States with our innovative, safe, and durable playsets that are made with maintenance-free construction. As a family-operated manufacturer of premier vinyl playsets, we design and build high-quality, affordable playsets perfect for children of all ages.

Constructed of durable material, our residential playsets are made with non-splintering vinyl that’s engineered to look like wood. They are a stress-free and maintenance-free way to encourage physical activity and a vivid imagination during playtime.

Find our series of residential playsets to choose from or design your own with our design center below.

Choose from a pre-configured model

A playset design with two play towers means more fun. Bring style and double the fun with our Double Tower series. Add ramps, bridges, swings, and slides for tons of ways to play.


Vinyl playset towers have been a family favorite for years because they grow with your family. Start with something small and ramp up the fun with accessories as your kids grow.


Amp up the adventure and keep your children active with a durable Mountain Climber series. The Mountain Climber playset series is built for the adventurers of the family.


Take your playset a step further with a high-quality vinyl playhouse crafted like a real house. From siding to shingles to shutters, no finishing touch has been ignored.


Or design your own with our design center

Design Center (Flexi-sized)